In Home Care for Cancer Patients

In home health aide for cancer patients in Palm Beach County

Dealing with cancer is a very difficult situation. The physical results of disease and treatment can be very fatal, and the emotional and psychological effects of suffering from cancer can be challenging.

While many types of cancer have reduced globally some are still on the rise. Cures for this devastating disease are yet to be discovered but even so there are many treatment options that help to reduce the side effects of this disease.

When cancer is on its advanced stage, it often implies that patients will need help with various activities. Our care givers are available to assist your loved ones with personal care any time of need.

Types of services we offer:

  • Geriatric care management – Geriatric care providers will carry an onsite assessment to determine current and future needs. The home health agency will put in mind medical needs, functional ability and shortcomings, psychological and cognitive potentials together with environmental and safety needs. After a careful evaluation a clearly stated plan is created that defines the necessary recommendations and objectives.
  • Compassionate companionship – When cancer weakens the physical abilities of patients compassionate care becomes more vital. Our care givers will come very handy in keeping your loved ones calm, give a friendly smile, and take them through all the daily routines of living in such a way that the activities can be easy as possible.
  • Personal care – In most cases, we take the simple routines of our daily life for granted. When diseases start to affect our physical abilities, simple routines like bathing and grooming become very difficult and even impossible for us to carry them out on our own. Our home health aides are highly trained to help you with these daily tasks with the aim of making patients feel more comfortable and much more at ease throughout the process.
  • Monitoring side effects and symptoms of diseases – With oncology / cancer  treatment the side effects can be very severe. Our private duty home care nurses and aides  are highly trained and have the necessary skills and knowledge to monitor side effects and changes in symptoms and can inform the home health company of any drastic changes.
  • Light housekeeping  – Our home health care providers can help in light housekeeping for example vacuuming and dusting the house to keep it clean and secure.
  • Shopping for grocery – Our care givers can go to shop for groceries depending on the patients established and prescribed items. In addition to this, they will ensure all the ingredients are stored in a safe and clean place.
  • Meal preparation and feeding patients –Our care givers can help by preparing meals for patients. In light of this, meal times will be more enjoyable and stress free.
  • Help with transfers – Our care givers are highly trained to use transfer belts or hydraulic lifts. Considering that, cancer patients who need assistance getting from bed to a wheel chair or from a wheel chair to stationary chair will greatly benefit from our care givers.
  • Encourage activities and outings- Sitting at one place day in day out can be very boring and tiring. Our care givers can help patients utilize their hobbies more and also taking them to visit places they love.
  • Transportation to doctors and from appointment – Whether the patients need to go to the hospital for treatments or checkups our care providers will take charge of taking the patients to appointments. Fighting with cancer is one of the hardest things to do. Our live in care services support program for cancer patients in Palm Beach County can secure you with the best and highly trained care givers to help you with this weakening disease. If you need our help or guidance for in home health care with a cancer patient feel free to contact Prestige Nursing Services today 561-845-7711 .