Hospice Care In Palm Beach County

What is hospice care?

When a family member is in the last stages of a serious ailment for example heart problems or cancer, hospice care can offer in-home health care and emotional help during such hard times. In addition to this, hospice in home care can help family members cope.

When you should know it is time to consider hospice care

After normal prescribed medications fail to cure the designated diseases and the patient can’t get any better it should be a good time for you to consider hospice care. The main goal of hospice treatment is to ensure that the patient feels much more at ease and maintain a high standard of life. Hospice in home care doesn’t target to speed up or extend the process but rather it is designed to reduce the pain and other symptoms.

Care givers who have specialized in the field of hospice care can greatly help in improving the quality of the remaining part of life by mainly focusing on keeping the patient alert and very comfortable. Depending on specific situations hospice care can be organized in a hospice centre or at the patients residents where they will feel much more at ease and comfortable within familiar environments.

Hospice care is also offered in:

  • long term care facilities
  • hospitals
  • nursing homes

Types of services offered

The following are hospice services:

  • Basic medical care that mainly focuses on reducing symptoms and pain.
  • Coordinate the provision of the needed medical equipments and supplies.
  • Provider constant access to a hospice member.
  • Provide guidance with regular life issues.
  • Provide psychological, emotional and spiritual support to family members after losing their loved one.

People found in the hospice team  

Hospice care is made up by a broad diversity of members such as nurses, doctors, social workers, People, palliative, medicine specialists, nursing assistants, trained volunteers and spiritual advisors. There is a wide list of available therapists for example respiratory, physical, music, and occupational that can lead to high levels of comfort to end of live care. The hospice team is ready to work closely with family members to make the patient feel more comfortable and improve his or her quality of life.

Most of the time, hospice care will take place at the patients home. In most cases, family members will take care of their loved ones for a longer period of time. A member from the hospice team will visit once in a while depending on what amount of home health care is needed.

A member from the hospice team will write down constant reports to the head physician so that they can be fully involved with the patients care throughout the entire process. In case of any emergencies there will be a hospice telephone number open 24/7 and you can feel free to contact as for any help.

How does insurance eligibility work for hospice care?

A lot of Hospice programs are based on two criteria:

  1. If the patient’s condition is considered to be a terminal disease.
  2. If the patient’s life expectancy level as diagnosed by the doctor is 6 months or less based on the disease running its normal course

Determining a specific amount of time a patient has left to live is far from an exact science, hospice care may need to be prolonged or may be stopped if need be. Medicare and Medicaid programs help to cover for hospice payments. Other extra benefits may be through insurance coverage. It is imperative to verify your benefits with your insurance company in advance in order to avoid confusion and give you a clear picture of what is covered. In case you have any questions to ask concerning hospice care, our team will guide you to make the perfect decision depending on your current situation.

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