Live in care for seniors in Palm Beach County

One of the most essential aspects of quality live in care is to ensure high standards of living in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home. Mental and physical comfort combined with a good level of one on one personal support helps to preserve independence. Your care giver will offer all the support you need for example by taking care of your house and providing good company. A live in care giver is an exact alternative to independent assisted living facilities and is always there all the time to monitor your health and help you with your daily needs at the comfort of your own home.

How live-in care works

When our home health care service agency comes up with a plan to take care of your needs either with help from you or your medical care representatives, your well trained care giver will work hand in hand with our staff just to ensure you stay healthy with medication reminders and carry daily routines such as bathing & meal prep. Apart from that, the plan will include all your needs and demands. It is of great importance to us to ensure your needs are organized on your own terms and conditions.

Home health care plans are usually designed to meet all your preferences for meal times, sleep, personal care, hobbies and recreational activities. In case of any changes in the type of home health care services you need our staff is ready 24/7 to coordinate and modify your care plan.

Are there specific conditions for a live-in care giver?

It is imperative for senior care givers to have their own rooms and allowed to sleep for a minimum of seven hours. We have greatly recommended the use of baby’s monitor so that the care giver can respond quickly in case of any complications at night.

Individuals seeking services from private duty home care nurses will have to provide them with food. Live-in care givers will cook food following your diet plan and depending on how you have planned your meal time schedule. Most care givers will take meals together with you and this will play a very vital role in helping bond the relationship between you and your care giver.

The difference between a live-in care giver and 24-hour care

In case a in home care giver is required to attend to any needs more than two times during the night, then it will be imperative to get 24-hour care which will need two care givers each taking a shift during day and night. In light of this,home health care providers will get enough rest and can remain attentive during the day and night to ensure high levels of care.

Can senior care givers drive?

In most cases, people prefer care givers that have a driving license to run errands, take you to doctor’s appointments, shop for groceries and take you to recreational pleasures where you can both exchange ideas. A care giver with a driving license can drive your car or their car if you want but with an additional charge that is billed on a monthly basis. Care givers who cannot drive are offered at reduced rates.

Tips to pick the right live-in home health care company

Getting the right care giver to support you and keep you company is a very important aspect of live-in care. There are very important factors to consider when finding the best care giver to meet all your needs.

  • The level of experience, skill or special training
  • Attention level needed depending on your independence level
  • Types of activities you love
  • Common hobbies and interests
  • Is a care giver comfortable with pets?
  • Family concerns and preferences
After taking a clear look at you own needs we can organize an interview for you to meet in person with our chosen care givers, and you will come up with the final decision. Considering all human relationships, getting a companion is not exactly scientific. Even though as our client you might be happy with the initial choice, you will always be free to pick another care giver in case you are no longer satisfied.

We contact our in home health care providers each day and we require them to inform as when they arrive at your home upon start of care. Our live phones are open and ready for you should you have the need for senior home health care.