Senior Home Health Care Services

For most people private duty home health care is not an alternative due to financial difficulties or absence of long-term insurance cover. Most people need help after being discharged from a medical facility in order to ensure quick and comfortable recovery at home. We have well designed welcome home programs to take charge of all aspects of transition in Palm Beach County.

Types of services covered within the home health care program: 

  • Help in packing personal belongings– After being discharged from the hospital it is very easy to leave your personal belongings behind. Our care givers will ensure that all your personal staff is packed and accounted for.
  • Transportation home– Our care givers will take you home from the medical facility probably using their own cars.
  • Avail all medical equipment and supplies at your home– Depending on your health condition, your physician may prescribe the use of certain medical equipment at your home. Our care providers will ensure that all medical equipment arrive safely at your home. In addition to this, they set the equipments and ensure they are functioning properly.
  • Filling and picking prescriptions along with medication reminders– If your doctor writes down prescriptions for you, our care providers will pick and bring your medication home.
  • Ensure home safety– A patient may get into many accidents after arriving home due to clutter on the floor or irregular extension cords and carpets that are folded. Our home care providers will ensure you have clear pathways and tidy floors.
  • Prepare home for living– Apart from checking through your home to ensure it is safe, our care givers will ensure your house and surrounding environments are clean for your safe return. For example by dusting and vacuuming.
  • Cleaning the refrigerator and pantry– If you are suddenly taken to the hospital because of a serious illness you may have no time to clean your refrigerator before you leave your house. If you are going to stay at the hospital for long it is imperative to have a care giver clean out your refrigerator to make sure all spoiled foods are thrown away. If you own a pantry with any types of perishables, they will also check the area.
  • Shopping for grocery and preparing meals– After being discharged from the hospital it is essential for you to have a constant supply of fresh groceries needed during the recovery process. Your physician may also recommend a special diet during the early stages of your recovery specifying the specific items which may not be available in the refrigerator. Our care givers will go and shop for all the groceries and items needed. In addition to this, they will take charge of preparing meals for you.
  • Personal care– Depending on how complex your surgery was, during the process of recovery simple tasks like bathing and dressing might be very difficult. Our care givers are highly trained and readily available to help with these activities.
  • Running errands– Apart from just shopping for groceries and picking prescriptions our home health aides assist with running errands to make sure your recovery is quick and stress free.

How much does it cost and how many hours are services offered

The program is offered for a minimum duration of four hours. Additionally, extra hours are offered. Don’t get discharged from the hospital and go home alone. Feel free to call as today to assist you get settled and ensure your transition process is as easy as possible.

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