Home health care for Parkinson’s patients here in Palm Beach County

It can be overwhelming to cope u with degenerative effects of movement disorder diseases. It makes it highly difficult to perform day do day activities.

What is Parkinson’s disease? 

Parkinson disease is a chronic movement disorder that is very progressive, in that the symptoms of the disease continue and it doesn’t get any better. Almost one million people in the United States today are living with Parkinson disease. The cause of the disease is not yet known. In addition to this, the cure has not been discovered but certain medications can be given and surgical operations conducted to help control the symptoms.

 Parkinsons patientsParkinson disease kills very vital nerve cells found in the brain and also disrupts the normal functioning of other cells.  Dying neurons produce and release dopamine a fluid that controls movement and sends commands to the brain. As Parkinson disease continues, dopamine level declines, leaving the patient with no ability to regulate movement. OUr programs can help Parkinsons patients with the support they need.

What are the Parkinson symptoms Prestige Nursing Services can assist you with?

The care givers can assist in the following:

  • Bradykinesia-slowness in movement
  • Rigidity-when someone is rigid or inflexible
  • Resting tremor- the body, hand and legs
  • Postural instability-when someone has impaired balance and coordination

What kind of assistance can a home health care agency provide?

Meal preparation and assistance with feeding

Parkinson patients may have difficulty in taking their meals . Our private duty home health care nurses make it easier for the patients to eat. They make it to be less stressful, more enjoyable and safer. Care givers when needed can:

  • Select foods that are easier to cut, chew and swallow
  • Focus on regular smaller amounts of food rather than a large meal at once
  • Switching between solid and liquid during meals
  • To those with maybe neck problems, assistance such as raising the height of the serving tray in order to make meal time easier
  • Serving of medications in applesauce to make swallowing of pills easier
  • If a change in condition of the patient occurs such as increased difficulty in swallowing of pills, they may report to the office for cause of action to take place

Assistance with transfers and walking

Parkinson disease at an advanced stage brings about difficulty in movement. It calls for help to move within the home. Due to the nature of the disease, at some instances one may require assistance and be independent at another. Our care givers may:

  • Give assistance as needed
  • Help someone relax their muscles before moving
  • They are trained on how to use mechanical lifts and transfer belts
  • They can also help in communication through use of clear signs and keep communication at its lowest during movements in order to focus during transfers or walking

Personal care

These debilitating diseases may make the easiest tasks including eating, bathing and dressing so difficult. Our care givers may assist in,

  • Taking a  parkinsons patient to the toilet
  • Performing oral hygiene on a patient
  • Bathing-by ensuring an individual skin is thoroughly washed and dried

Medical reminders

The care giver is highly informed on the scheduling of medication reminders and makes sure they are adhered to.

Light house keeping

Care givers offer even light housekeeping such as washing of utensils, vacuuming and also dusting. The care giver ensures the house is clean and comfortable.

Grocery shopping

Parkinson’s disease makes tasks such us going to the store extremely difficult. Our home health care aides can go shopping based with the list of the patient’s diet. They can also carry other small errands within or outside the house. Their main focus is to ensure the patient is observing a healthy diet and taking proper nutrients.

Encouragement activities

Ensuring that the patient is having a great time is what our care givers take pride in. It is absolutely important that the patient is busy most of the time. Our care givers ensure that patients engage in things that they enjoy doing.

Take patients to appointment

Our care givers may transport the patients from their homes to meet their appointments with their physician and get them back home.

Patients with Parkinson’s condition require a lot of attention. Let us get you the best care giver for your specific situation. Feel free to call us today 561-845-7711 and inquire about our Parkinson patient home health care support program  in Palm Beach County or click here