Home health care transportation and transfers in Palm Beach County.

When most seniors can no longer drive they feel as if their independence and freedom has just been snatched from them. It is very difficult for anyone to go around without any mode of transport to run errands such as purchasing food from the grocery, going to doctors appointments and meeting with loved ones.

Finding transport means can be very difficult especially for the elderly. Most seniors cannot drive for long distances, have limited access to public means of transportation or don’t get the chances to carpool with loved ones. Even for the elderly who own shops and have home health care providers within their own reach as well as suitable mobility may still find it difficult due to bad weather or fear of their safety.

Care givers who can drive can end most of these problems by driving seniors to places they might want to go to. Most care givers will drive cars given by the client. Nevertheless, they can drive you in their own cars at additional costs.

Research done has proven that most seniors who remain socially active live longer and happy lives. Whether a patient wants to go for shopping, community activities, or visiting friends and family our main priority is to ensure our client’s independence and the freedom to socialize with others.


When we refer to home health care, the term ‘transfer’ implies to the act of moving a patent that can no longer move around on their own. Our care givers have been highly trained to help limited-mobility patients to move from vehicles to wheel chair, wheel chair to bed and so on. Our main priority is to ensure the patient is safe and our care givers give patients clear and detailed explanations before they undertake any process.

Prestige Nursing Services is a full service home health care agency providing transportation and transfers for seniors.