Dementia and Cognitive Impairment patients home health care in Palm Beach County

Dementia is a term that represents a wide range of symptoms including decline in thinking abilities and loss of memory but it is actually not a disease. Due to the decline of brain activities a person’s ability to carry out daily routines is greatly diminished. A huge percentage of Dementia issues are caused by Cognitive Impairment disease. Another common form is Vascular Dementia which mostly occurs after a stroke. Thyroid issues and lack of certain vitamins in the body can cause symptoms associated with Dementia but the good thing is they can be reversed.

The following are signs of Dementia:

The symptoms of Dementia greatly differ, but huge impairment of at least two of the following core brain functions should be a sign that in deed one is in need of dementia diagnosis.

  • Memory
  • Language and modes of communication
  • Lack of proper judgment and reasoning
  • Lack of attention and focus
  • Visual perception
Most types of dementia show very little symptoms at the beginning but as times goes by the situation gets worse. It is important to pay very close attention in order to realize whether you or your loved ones have any memory problems or poor thinking abilities. In light of this, you should visit a physician to discuss the problem in detail. Being diagnosed early for dementia allows individuals to exploit all the benefits of current treatments being given.

What is Cognitive Impairment disease?

Cognitive Impairment disease leads to symptoms of dementia and does not have a current treatment option. Individuals have a higher risk of getting the disease as age increases and the majority of Cognitive Impairment cases are reported in individuals over 65 years. During the early faces there is very little memory loss but the condition worsens as the days go by and individuals are no longer capable of engaging in simple conversions or respond to their surroundings. Cognitive Impairment disease is among the leading causes of deaths in America. Treatment for the disease is yet to be discovered but there are treatments available that can be used to improve quality of life and temporarily reduce the symptoms of dementia.

The following are types of services offered by Dementia patients home care support program in Palm Beach County:

  • Companionship- as Dementia patients start losing touch with their surrounding they will need a lot of company. Our care givers will be readily available to comfort patients and guide them through the difficult time.
  • Preparing meals for patients and feeding them- Patients with Cognitive Impairment disease might have a lot of difficulty in preparing meals and feeding. Our care givers will help prepare meals and feed you and as such making meal times more enjoyable.
  • Personal care- With very complicated diseases it becomes harder even just to carry out simple daily routines such as bathing and dressing and the case is not any different with dementia. Our care givers have many years of experience and will assist with getting the daily activities done.
  • Assist you with your medication reminders One of the most important aspects of dementia care is ensuring patients follow and take their medications. Dementia care givers will ensure you take your medication on time.
  • Regular housekeeping- As the dementia symptoms start to progressively worsen, the patients can no longer maintain the general cleanliness of their houses. Our care givers will greatly help in cleaning your house for example by vacuuming and dusting just to keep the home clean and safe.
  • Shopping for groceries- Our care givers will shop for groceries depending on the diet prescribed by the doctor to the patient. Once a list of all required groceries has been made our care givers will ensure all the groceries are purchased.
  • Help with transportation & transfers Most dementia patients need assistance moving from bed to a wheel chair or stationary chair. Our senior home health care aide and private duty nurses are highly trained in the use of transfer belts.
  • Encourage extra activities- It is imperative for Cognitive Impairment patients to remain fully occupied. Our care givers can help them engage in extra activities they like participating in. Dementia and Cognitive Impairment patients usually require very special type of care. Our in home health care services support program for dementia patients can supply you with efficient and well experienced care givers to assist you with the debilitating disease. Feel free to contact us today and ask for our assistance.