Elder Care Management Services In Palm Beach County

Professional home health care providers  have a high level of expertise on how to assist the elderly patients on issues relating to the quality of their lives and health care. The in home care manager coordinates with the doctors, care givers and patients in order to come up with a home care plan that is well suited for you or your loved one.  Learn more about the elder care management services offered by Prestige Nursing Services, Inc.

Through the assessment of the individuals and their needs, the in- home care management managers or providers come up with optimized home health care plans of action. Family and doctors may be involved as well. With our wide knowledge base and experience in dealing with the elderly people and families, we work closely with the home health care manager so that the recommendations for senior home care services are cost effective.

Care managers who are the best and adhere to high standards of practice are the only ones that we work with. It is fundamentally important that the home care plans are designed and implemented in such a way that they utilize services that maximize independence and also motivate an individual to lead a productive lifestyle.

At what instances should one consider to consult with a professional elder care manager?

Depending with the severity of the patient’s condition, those instances differ. These are some of the consideration.

  • When there is need to adhere to a medication management.
  • When there is need for intervention in Cognitive Impairment and dementia.
  • When there is need for relocation service and coordination.
  • Need for Counseling during grief and crisis situation.
  • Assistance in bill paying and coordination.
  • When evaluating long-term care insurance policies and benefit entitlement.
  • Coordination of daily routine.
  • Assistance with personal shopping
  • Guardianship alternatives.
  • During hurricane, support and evacuation.
  • An individual has little or no family support at all.
  • When there is need for a care giver to oversee and coordinate health care services.
  • Evaluation for home safety.
  • When family is new to this and they need guidance and direction about available care services.
  • When an individual needs professional advocacy due to multiple psychological or medical issues.
Types of services that care managers handle.

The care manager carries out an on-site evaluation in order to determine future needs while carefully considering the current ones. Home care managers consider medical needs, health care, limitation and functional capacity, psycho-social and cognitive abilities along with environmental and safety needs. After all these have been carried out, the care manager comes up with a plan of action which stipulates goals and recommendations.

Care coordination and monitoring

The care management manager ensures coordination and implementation of the needed services that have been created to maintain the patient’s health and personal needs. At the same time he or she fosters independence. Continuous monitoring allows the care manager to build a good relationship with the client. These relationships help create trust which in turn makes the client feel more secure, reduce isolation feelings which can create depression.

The home care manager can also help in coordinating the medical supplies and also ensure appointments set with the doctor are adhered to.

The most important services that home care managers provide is counseling and consulting family members. Mostly family members are separated geographically and there is always that urge to know how a loved one is doing. Due to these needs, it makes a home care manager an invaluable asset.

Placement Assistance

If the patient is in need of a long-term placement, the care manager will come up with appropriate solutions with regards to an independent retirement, skilled care or assisted living. Sometimes the in home care manager is available to tour the recommended facilities with the client. Also the care manager can assist in evaluating the appropriate payment options and exploring benefits that are well suited to specific needs of the client. He can also help in reducing the long process of paper work by navigating through the maze that is involved with it.

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