If you need private duty home care services in Palm Beach County that go beyond services taken care by medical insurance we are here to help.

Our private home health care services are offered every day in order to ensure patients live safely and their freedom is preserved by living at the comfort of their own homes.


Simple services such as:

  • maintaining personal hygiene
  • household chores 
daily tasks whether you are recovering from surgery or just to put a smile on your face. 

Our private duty home care members will cooperate with you and your family members in order to develop a strategic plan that addresses:

  • your health issues
  • your life style
  • your protection
  • your needs of privacy


We fully understand how crucial it is to feel much more at ease with the care givers you bring to stay at your home. All our private duty home care workers, nurses, home health aides are fully screened, insured and they have the needed credentials. In addition to this, they have very high levels of experience and are very passionate about the kind of work they do.


Our private duty home care services: 

  • Private duty nurses- Our at home nurses offer a wide range of services such as assessing your health, managing your medication and ensuring you get and follow the required medical treatments such as injections and nursing your wounds.
  • Certified home health aides- Our aides help with all the necessities of staying at home from showering, dressing and eating. In addition to this they help patients with exercise activities and general transfers at home.
  • Home makers- Our home makers help to prepare meals, wash clothes and go to shop for grocery.
  • Provide companion services- Our companions ensure your home surrounding is safe and comforts you in difficult times. Our companions also take you to medical appointments.
The right type of care you need

We are ready to help you come up with the final decision about the type and amount of care services you need.

  • Live-in care services are offered in certain cases.
  • We can offer short time respite care if a family member who takes care of you is gone for a while.
  • We can organize for care services in different locations apart from home for example if you are residing in a hotel.
  • We offer special type of care for serious health conditions for example Dementia
  • For clients who cannot communicate in English we provide care givers who can speak your first language.

Around the clock premium home health care service in Palm Beach County

At our senior home health care agency we fully believe that even though the elderly cannot take care of their own needs any more it shouldn’t be a reason for them to leave their homes. Considering that, we are fully committed and dedicated to help the elderly and people with health complications remain at the comfort of their own homes with their needs fully taken care of by our care givers.

Our home health care services are offered 24/7 and we are committed to delivering services of high quality. In addition to this, we provide a good alternative to institutional living.


You will find that Prestige Nursing Services provides a wide range of services day and night for example :

  • monitoring your health
  • help with personal care and chores


We have highly skilled and compassionate care givers that will always be there to help your loved ones and we provide home health care services all of Palm Beach County.