Senior Home Care Programs Available In Palm Beach County

  • Welcome home program – Being discharged from the hospitals to go home can be hectic. We have a well designed 4 to 6 hour program to help you settle at home after coming from the hospital.
  • Pre- operative care – All the necessary preparations for an upcoming surgery are taken care of by our care plan coordinator in order to ensure quick and safe recovery.
  • Post emergency room care – If you go to an emergency room and luckily enough you are not admitted to the hospital we can help you have an easy transition home.
  • Parkinson patients – Parkinson disease has very degenerative side effects which can really be stressful. Well trained care providers can help patients with Parkinson disease to easily deal with their daily routines.
  • Dementia/ Cognitive Impairment program – The idea of helping our loved ones with Cognitive Impairment disease can be a very challenging task to undertake. Companions who show a lot of compassion while assisting patients through their daily activities can make this program lose its meaning.
  • Oncology patients – The physical side effects of cancer disease can be very drastic. And most of the times the treatment can cause the patient to become very weak. Our care givers are readily available to give you personal assistance and comfort care during this stressful times.
  • Cosmetic surgery recovery – Though Cosmetic surgery can offer good results at the end, the process of recovery can lead to emotional imbalance and cause patients to be uncomfortable physically. Our cosmetic surgery recovery program will come handy in helping reduce both mental and physical stress.