Home Health Care services for seniors include Medication reminders

Following and taking your medication as prescribed by the doctor is very crucial. Our private duty home health care nurses come to your home and help you arrange your medication on a weekly or monthly basis. Over the years, people in the United States have had a very big problem in following their prescribed treatment. In light of this, many unplanned deaths have occurred.  In fact, over $290 billion is spent every year due to patients neglecting their medication as prescribed by the doctor.

The statistics showing people not following their medication are surprising

  • Almost 125,000 Americans die yearly by ignoring their medication and medication reminders.
  • The biggest population of patients in hospitals is composed of patients who did not adhere to prescribed medications by a physician
  • Over the past thirty years medication non-adherence percentage has remained constant. Statistics carried recently indicate that over 40% of patients still ignore the treatments prescribed to them.
  • Up to 20 percent of all written prescriptions are not filled.

Our home health care providers are ready to help you organize your prescribed medications and plan a schedule that is simple to follow so that you never forget your medication.

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