What is a Post-emergency room home health care program?

Call Prestige Nursing Services  for help when a patient has visited the emergency room and it has been identified that they need extra assistance and they live alone. In such a case, we can send a private duty home health care nurse or an aide to help the patient arrive home safely and ensure he has everything he needs. We services all of Palm Beach County area.

What type of home health care services does the Post-Emergency room program cover?

Picking up the concerned patient and taking them home. Our care givers pick up the patient from the emergency room and drop them home safely from the facility.

  • Providing light housekeeping – Mostly emergency room visits are unplanned for and chances are the patient might have left the house in a poor state or in disarray. The care givers not only take care of safety measures in the house but they also help in providing light housekeeping. This may involve keeping the patient’s house tidy for their return. It may involve vacuuming, washing utensils and dusting.
  • Picking up prescriptions –In a case where the doctor gives a list of prescription supplies, our home health care providers are able to pick up the medication and bring it to the patient.
  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation – Most patients are highly focused on recovery once they are discharged. Picking up fresh groceries and preparing meals for themselves is the least of the things they would want to do. Most of the times, the ER discharge plan has a special diet recommended during recovery period. Our care givers can take care of the grocery, preparation of meals and handing of special diet requirements that the patient might need. They are also available for future tasks that the patient might require to be carried out.
  • Personal care -Patients may have difficulty in certain simple tasks such as bathing and grooming after an ER visit. Our care givers have vast experience in such areas and may help the patient in such circumstances.
  • Follow up Appointments – Patients may have follow up emergency room visits. Our care givers may be scheduled to provide such help in transportation to and from the appointment with the physician.

Is there a maximum limit to the number of hours for this program and do you have hourly care?

Post Emergency room program does not have maximum time limits but there is a minimum of 4 hours. The home health care company or agency may be scheduled between 4 hours to 24 hours. This depends with specific needs of the patient. The care giver can also be flexible with scheduling. For example the patient may need 8 hours of care after the first day of visit, 4 hours on the second day and 2 hours on the following day. When the patient has fully recovered, they may terminate the services at any time. Every situation calls for a different approach and our care givers are ready to work with the patient to get him what he exactly wants.

Any time that you are in need of such services in Palm Beach County feel free to contact us for your post emergency room care.